Shinydoku Lite Edition

Love sudoku? You’ll love Shinydoku!

Love free? You’ll really love Shinydoku Lite Edition!


Shinydoku Lite Edition brings you 25 great sudoku puzzles for free! Even better still, Shinydoku Lite Edition contains all the same great features of Shinydoku.
Designed especially for the iPhone and iPod touch
Shinydoku Lite Edition is designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. Large text and buttons and a simple interface makes it easy to play sudoku on the go.
Touch to select, and swipe to “nudge”
Touching a cell selects it. But, not quite the cell you want? Simply swipe your finger across the touch screen to move the selection in the same direction.
Two marking modes

Pencil mode allows you to record possible numbers in a cell, and pen mode sets your answer. Don’t worry, you can easily change your answer by simply selecting another number.

Tip: Pressing the number a second time removes it from the cell. This is really handy to erase a cell. Simply press any number twice in pen mode.

Unlimited undo history
Made a mistake? No big deal! Simply hit the undo button.
Five levels of difficulty
Shinydoku Lite Edition includes five difficulty levels to match your skill level. Anyone from the novice to the most skilled sudoku solver will have fun puzzles to solve.
Fun, symmetric puzzles
Real life loves symmetry, and sudoku does too. Symmetric puzzles are more fun to solve than a purely random puzzle.
Contains 25 puzzles
Shinydoku Lite Edition contains 5 puzzles for each difficulty for a total of 25 puzzles. Want more? Try the full version of Shinydoku. Each puzzle has only a single solution and is solvable exclusively with logic. No guessing required!